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Ninja Tots - Ages 1.5 - 4 years Ages 1.5 - 4 years

Ninja Tots is an exciting first step on a child’s Martial Arts journey. With a fun, engaging and action packed programme specifically tailored for 2-4 year olds, our classes are a mix of teachings designed to help with confidence, balance, listening, motor skills, teamwork and hand to eye co-ordination all set in a fun and nurturing environment. Each week we will focus on a different element of the Martial Arts Ethos with fun games and exercises relating to each topic. We encourage parents to join in and share the Martial Arts experience with your little Ninja Tots!

Little Ninjas - Ages 4-6 Ages 4-6

This class is an ideal blend of basic martial arts and life skills. It is the beginning of their Martial Arts journey which not only teaches them the basics of the discipline itself, but also instils the ethos behind Martial Arts to encourage focus, discipline, respect and humility. These programmes are structured to provide all students with a fun and safe learning environment. Students are graded every eight weeks and awarded different coloured belts for each grading culminating in the Lil Ninjas Black Belt; equivalent to the first belt in the children’s syllabus.

Each class will follow a simple format with a warm up, stretch, life skill, technical training, forms/gymnastics and finishing off with a safety skill. We help with retention of topics by providing weekly take home sheets for the students who are encouraged to talk about the topics they have learned at home using the sheets as a prompt.

Life Skills

Safety Skills

Juniors - Ages 6-12 Ages 6-12

The Juniors programme is a martial gymnastics, tricks, forms and kickboxing, basic self-defence, and physical conditioning programme with a structured grading system, aimed at children aged 7 – 13 years. We present older children with a more mature learning environment, allowing them to develop at their own pace while ensuring that they grow into positive role models.

The main aim is to teach children the importance of discipline and respect – about how staying fit and healthy can improve their standard of living.

Classes are kept fun and energetic – allowing and indeed encouraging children to discover things for themselves, while remaining structured to ensure that every student gets the most out of every single class.

Any student who joins the Juniors class, will start in our basic programme covering the core skills of martial arts which include..

Teens & Adults - Ages 13+ Ages 13+

All Adult and Teen students start on our Beginner Programme. All fitness levels are Wellcome and this is a great introduction to kickboxing. We have a fully graded syllabus lesson structure interspersed with fitness, flexibility, strength and conditioning as well as the kickboxing. On the Beginners course we are teaching you the basic foundation to kickboxing so you would be learning all the kicks, punches, stances, blocks for the first belt.We try to tailor what we do as much as possible to the class ensuring that not only are we working on fitness and technique, but also Confidence, Self Esteem, Perseverance, Courage – essentially always being the best version of yourself. Teen years can be so challenging and we ensure that our programme encompasses many life skills, self defence as well as the kickboxing syllabus and fitness.

Stunts & Tricking - All Ages All Ages

Closely linked with Martial Forms, we aim to really develop the acrobatic skills that will stand our students apart by teaching show stopping flips, tricks and tumbles that will not only form part of their individual routines that they can compete with if they so wish, but also give them a dynamic, fun, action packed session which will also offer them a glimpse into the requirements of the stunting world. We hope that this will give them the potential to use this discipline to fulfill any acrobatic or stunting dream they may have. Following a syllabus starting at the basics, we are ensuring that this class will suit all ability levels and most importantly, will be fun and explosive!

Forms/Martial Gymnastics - All Ages All Ages

In this class you will learn about traditional martial arts and high flying gymnastics abilities and put all of this together in a performance routine that is often accompanied with music. This can will also include the opportunity to learn Weapons Forms as well. Commonly known as XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts) this class signifies the transition of martial arts from the traditional towards the contemporary. Having evolved from an ancient form of self-defense, the modern martial arts movement is now more sport and entertainment, while still remaining true to the time-honored principles of Honor, Discipline, Integrity, and Respect. XMA is a fusion of all martial arts styles, blended together with performance arts, high-flying acrobatic skills. However, XMA cannot exist without — and is an extension of — traditional martial arts. It is designed to enhance the traditional with more speed, power, presentation, and performance value.
The rise in popularity of action and stunts in the TV and film industry with the likes of Avengers, Power Rangers and Martial Art action based movies, we wanted to bring to the public an opportunity to learn the tricks, tumbles and stunts that you see on the big screen.

Weapons - All Ages All Ages

We are delighted to be able to offer Weapons classes for all our Advanced students. Currently focusing on Bostaff training, taught by Weapons World Champions, our students learn the basics through to full routines to music – this is an explosive and exciting discipline to watch fusing Martial Art techniques, Bostaff and tricks together to culminate in a fast moving, exciting routine.

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