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With a wide range of classes and disciplines, we have something for everyone at Martial X Academy.

Little Ninjas

Our Little Ninjas classes are perfect for kids aged from 4-6 years old, helping encourage confidence, respect and discipline.

Martial Arts Classes for 4-6 year olds at Martial X Academy


Our Junior classes aged 7-13 years old not only teaches basic & advanced kickboxing skills, but also focuses on age relevant life skills .

Juniors Martial Arts Classes in Woking at Martial X Academy

Ninja Tots

Ninja Tots for 2-4 year olds is not just fun but helps with confidence, balance, listening, motor skills, teamwork and hand to eye co-ordination.

Adult Martial Arts Classes Woking at Martial X Academy


We cater to all fitness & ability levels
in our Adult Classes. We welcome
everyone and try to help you achieve
your own personal goals.

Adult Martial Arts Classes Woking at Martial X Academy

Tricks, Flips & Stunting

This dynamic section of our school is all about being fearless and finding your inner child! Learn to trick and flip in confidence with our classes. All welcome.

Tricking Classes for All ages at Martial X Academy

Forms/Martial Gymnastics

The extravagant flair seen in Action & Martial Art films is based on Forms/Martial Gymnastics. Our syllabus based classes promise to be action packed & fun.

4-6 year olds bowing in class at Martial X Academy

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